Hamburg and it's connections to Jazz always brings back warm memories dating back to the days of our first international tour, when we were booked in Denmark. We had to wait a while at Hamburg Hauptbahnhof and were then approached by local jazz enthousiasts who had heard about our band. That was even before we had recorded Ice Cream!

No wonder the lovely city at the port of the Elbe was then included in our first German tour and the ties grew so strong that at some point there was even mention of the "Freie und Barber-Stadt Hamburg". What greater honour can a man recieve? Nowadays, our annual October concert in the Laeiszhalle still is one of the best attended shows we are allowed to perform.

So it is a great pleasure for me to know that the tradition of our music carries on and lovely initiatives like the new Swingfestival: Swing-O-City offer quality music to the listeners. The Cotton Club is of course a wellknown venue for our kind of music. I'm happy to see that my Star Clarinet Soloist Bert Brandsma is booked as one of the guests of honour. Keep swinging!

Chris Barber